Uncovering the upcoming Urban One Acts

Sam Johnson, Staff Writer

One Acts, a favorite Urban tradition, is just around the corner as Urban approaches the end of the spring term. One Acts are student-written and directed one-act plays that take place every spring and are widely popular within the Urban community. As well as being directed, written, and produced by Urban seniors, they are also starring Urban students of all different grade levels. This year, seven seniors wrote new One Acts during the “One Act Festival” class; a senior-spring class offered to seniors interested in writing, producing, casting, and directing their own One Act. Below are previews of the upcoming One Acts, collected directly from the writers. They will be shown for one weekend only from May 29 through May 31.

LINDA & LINDA- Written and Directed by Charlotte de Anda (’15)

Linda Romano and Linda Caruso chaperone their kids’ middle school dance in a wine, zebra print, and hairspray- fueled adventure.

Thirteenth Morning- Written and Directed by Matthew Shepherd (’15)

The Thirteenth Morning is a sort of lampooning of classic theater; it specifically parodies Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” Let’s just say there’s lots of cross-dressing shenanigans, some breaking of the fourth wall, and a couple of angry playwrights.

OrganiX- Written and Directed by Diana Silvestri (’15)

OrganiX features web show hosts Agave and Chia and their attempts to explain how to be organic, how not to be organic, and how to avoid GMO’s, or OMG’s as they call them. Agave and Chia love smoothies, talking about health, and encouraging their viewers to drink juice and participate in the 21-day juice master cleanse! OrganiX is a satire/parody. Think Portlandia meets Rainbow Market meets members from Urban’s HIPE. There is no life, there is no death, there is only juice.

Meet the Godparents- Written and Directed by Kemp Atkinson (’15)

What started out as a Godfather/Meet the Parents parody ended up as a girl bringing her normal boyfriend home to her absurd lobster-fishermen family. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then come for James Hill (‘17) climbing furniture and shouting at the rest of the cast.

www.buzzfeed.com/trending- Written and Directed by Julian Larach (’15)

BuzzFeed is losing its major sponsors, so in order to save the business, the CEO gives two employees the opportunity to compete for a promotion with the hopes that one of them will create the best BuzzFeed article post there has ever been. The play is a satire on the social media obsession of our generation and the extents that people are willing to go to achieve success.

Looking The Other Way- Written and Directed by Griffin O’Connor (’15)

A parody on the classical film noir cinematic style, Looking The Other Way tells the story of a detective assigned to investigate a murder that he committed. This dark comedy deals with putting aside one’s morals and features Casey Leffers (‘17), Sam Masto (‘17), Amelia Tierney (‘18) and Vivien Manning (‘18), as well as a randomly selected member of the audience.

Phillip from Lady Foot Locker- Written by Lily Dodd (’16), Directed by Sophie Weir (’15)

‘Phillip from Lady Foot Locker’ is a parody from the ‘Alex from Target’ viral meme. Phillip is a typical boy, from Ohio, who is just trying to be a teenager and make a living with his part-time job at Lady Foot Locker. He has all the troubles of a typical teenager: girls, and difficult customers at Lady Foot Locker. One day, fortune strikes, and his life changes forever…