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Dear Yeti,

I feel like all my friends are hooking up with people and I’m just not. I know there’s like “no pressure” but how do I know if the other person wants to or if I’m making it weird?

Signed, Ligma


Dear Limga,

I’m sorry that you are feeling this way. No one likes to feel left out. Even though it feels like a lot of people are hooking up, you are not alone. Sometimes people who are hooking up like dramatizing their situation, even when there actually isn’t that much happening. I remember once I was at a summer program in Spain and on the first night, my whole dorm floor got together to discuss their sexual histories. I just left the situation because that is not the first thing I want to hear from a person (or the second). Addressing the later bit of your question about knowing when a person wants to hook up or not, it really depends on the person you are into. If you want to hook up with someone because you are into them (not because of FOMO), then try to spend more time with them. Ask to grab a cookie during the break, bonus points if you go from the old building to the new building and can have a nice walk to get to know each other better. If that seems intimidating, try sitting next to them in class and chatting about their weekend after you finish a partner discussion. People like to feel known. Ask follow up questions! Chances are they will do the same.

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Dear Yeti