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Spanish language exchange trip to happen in 2018

Emma Draisin, Staff writer, Features Editor
April 25, 2017 • 11 views
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   In the next academic year, 2017-2018, a third language exchange trip will be added to the international trip rotation: a Spanish immersion trip to various places around southern Spain. This trip is the brainchild of Urban School Spanish teachers Mary Lee and Esteban Speier. Since its conception in...

Ben and Jerry’s celebrates Free Cone Day

Vivien Manning, Staff Writer
April 25, 2017 • 15 views
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  Ben and Jerry's annual Free Cone Day attracts a medley of people: longtime customers, Urban students and passersby drawn to the long line. Ben and Jerry's has celebrated Free Cone Day since 1979, when it originated a way to thank their customers. It has grown to a global scale, serving ice cream...

The reality of Trump’s wall draws closer

The reality of Trump’s wall draws closer

Kian Nassre, Staff Writer
March 24, 2017 • 119 views
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 "The wall is getting designed right now," said President Donald Trump on February 8, 2017. Trump pledged to build a wall on the U.S. - Mexico border throughout his presidential campaign. Now, the U.S. government is officially seeking contractors and designs as the feasibility of Trump’s wall remains unde...

Fake News and its prevalence during the 2016 Presidential Election

Aidan Ryan, Staff Writer
March 22, 2017 • 145 views
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The Urban Legend’s morning headline reads, “Fare leaves Urban after multiple students are hospitalized from food poisoning.” You pause. What? How can you tell if this is true or not?   Fake news describes articles uploaded to the internet with such a bias that they state false informatio...

Snapshots of new faculty and staff of the Urban School of San Francisco

Vivian Manning, Staff Writer
March 19, 2017 • 188 views
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Theodora Carson Choral accompanist What did you do before you came to Urban? I worked as an accompanist at University of Washington Why did you choose to work at Urban?  It was a great opportunity to be a choral accompanist at an awesome school! What is your favorite part of Urban? Th...

With recent downpour, the California drought falls

Jack Cogen, Staff Writer
February 14, 2017 • 159 views
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From 2011 to 2015, California experienced its longest drought in recorded history, moving the California state government’s rating of the drought from moderate to an unprecedented “Exceptional Drought” according to the United States Drought Monitor.  The implications of this extended dry spell...

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