The Urban Legend

Urban Students Rush into Calculus

Emmy Hicks-Jablons, Staff Writer

June 8, 2016

It is nearly impossible to go through your Junior year of high school without hearing the words; “Will this look bad for college?” At Urban, this question is particularly present during the beginning of the Spring trimester, as students select courses for the next school year. This course select...

Where Nobody Says “Shhh”

Zachary Ngin, Book Critic

June 7, 2016

   Public library. If you were asked to associate a sound with the term, a certain throaty hissiness might come to mind, the muffled humiliation of a librarian’s shush. Or maybe you’d hear the constant scurry of turning pages or the harsh beep of the automated checkout. Lying in the same realm of sensatio...

Emotions Play Vital & Underrated Role in Classroom

Lily Dodd, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

The first attack occurred on July 30, 2015 during the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. Six people were stabbed and one — a sixteen year-old Israeli girl named Shira Banki — died from her wounds. Less than a night later in West Bank, two Israeli settlers burned the home of a Palestinian family to the ...

Dependency on tech translates outside classroom

Olivia Mitchel, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

Looking back on the high school application process, I find myself classifying the bulk of the essay prompts under the umbrella of influential figures, past challenges, and personal growth. Amidst this abundance of mundane, personal prompts, one written prompt, prior to a high school interview, stood ...

EDITORIAL: Urban school needs to bring discussions of race to outside of classroom

Zoe Meneghetti, Opinions Editor

March 23, 2016

   It recently came to light that for multiple years, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory students have been sponsoring parties with a clearly racist theme. At Stern Grove, students have been dressing up to imitate black culture, naming the theme “wigga,” a combination of “white” and a racial slu...

India: How our lens shapes our experience

Zoe Meneghetti, Opinions Editor

March 23, 2016

As I flew across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Bangalore, my head was filled with the images of India I had internalized during my History of South Asia class. These visions included destitute children in the streets, an open discord between Hindus and Muslims, and young people whose choices ...

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