Urban School media literacy class collaborates with cutting edge local radio station


Jason Cinti, Staff writer

Urban’s media literacy class, led by art teacher Kelli Yon, took a field trip on April 27 to San Francisco-based Pirate Cat Radio and did live radio broadcasts.

Pirate Cat Radio, channel 87.9 on the FM dial, is located on 21st Street in San Francisco, is a community radio station that is completely uncensored. Next to the studio is a small café in which they receive most of their profit.

Each student in the class prepared a 30-second audio clip of anything that they wanted to share with the outside community. Students also got the chance to talk about what they have been doing so far in the media literacy class and what they have learned.

Chris Harvey (’12) thought that “it was really cool to be able to have my voice be heard.” Harvey also enjoyed the “freedom that we could say whatever we wanted.”

Photo by Jason Cinti.  Click to visit the Pirate Cat Radio website.
Photo by Jason Cinti.

Teacher Kelli Yon said that she took her class to Pirate Cat Radio to “show them a place that doesn’t rely on advertising for funding, (one) that is run cooperatively.”

“It was a wonderful opportunity for students to be a part of something so alternative and self-generated, where their voice was honored and respected in a very public way,” Yon said.