Urban students reflect on Planned Parenthood


Infographic of data collected from a December survey of 55 Urban students created by Kian Nassre, Head of Infographics.

Lily Daniel, Staff Writer

Not only has Planned Parenthood greatly affected nationwide healthcare, but it has also been a part of some Urban students’ lives. Here are the reflections of two students, one who has utilized some of Planned Parenthood’s resources, and the other who is anti-abortion.


   For Angela*, Planned Parenthood offered an environment that was both “thoughtful and safe,” while still being “professional.” When Angela’s* arm began to swell from her birth control implant, she was stuck in a rural environment with Planned Parenthood being the only recommended resource. After removing her implant, they supplied her with three months of birth control pills. Angela believes that “the government should be in the business of making women’s healthcare available to everyone.” She said that by not supplying everyone with birth control “it’s not stopping them from having sex,” but rather “just preventing them from getting the supplies they need to be healthy.”

For Olivia*, Planned Parenthood goes against what she believes in and she feels strongly opposed to the organization. Olivia stated that her position on abortion is entirely anti-abortion unless in cases of incest or rape. She believes that organizations like Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be funded by the government because she feels that “abortions should be illegal.” She bases her opinion on that fact that she doesn’t believe “that some people think they have the right to terminate a pregnancy based on the fact that it’s inconvenient for them.” Her mother used Planned Parenthood as a resource and found they did not offer the support they claimed to and rather, “threw condoms at her and threw her out the door.” Besides the women’s support system that one might find at Planned Parenthood, this student would never use Planned Parenthood’s services.

*Names changed.