Quarantine Cooking

Orla Meehan, Caboose and Outreach Editor

With quarantine canceling our usual lives, we are all looking for new ways to fill our time, and get off the couch. Here is a food haul from members of the Urban community who have been experimenting with the art of cooking.

Courtney Rein: Rein, the English Department Chair and an English Teacher at Urban, made Falafel, a delicious but messy endeavor. “Made at home for the first and last time,” said Rein. “We panic-purchased a LOT of chickpeas, so this falafel recipe gave me a chance to use what we had in the cupboard, and try something new,” she said.

Eve Meehan: Meehan 20’, an aspiring chef, made homemade cream cheese spread on boiled bagels, all from scratch. “I have been cooking more in quarantine because I’m bored and I don’t know what else to do,” she said, adding that “cooking gives [her] control over [her] food.”

Palmer Dean: “This is a spicy Asian rice noodle dish topped with veggies,” said Dean ‘22. “It is both healthy and delicious as well as a nice comfort food during this unsettling time,” she said.

Rachel Herbert: Herbert, the Director of Learning Services at Urban, called the dish, “Edible Mashed Potato Islands,” which she made from mashed potatoes and other assortments of foods with her three-year-old daughter. It’s an “activity designed for preschoolers, but fun for everyone” she said.

Harrison Sharp-Craig: “I got into cooking about a year ago,” said Sharp-Craig 21’, who has an Instagram dedicated to his food. Scallops and homemade pizza are among the many dishes Sharp-Craig has cooked during quarantine. “Now that I am stuck at home,” he said, “I have far more time to continue cooking and learning new recipes.”

Ratna Kamath: During quarantine, Kamath, an English Teacher at Urban, has shared pictures of the dishes she has made, including Coconut Shrimp Curry, a Spinach and Black Eyed Peas dish, and Chiu Chow Chili Sauce. “I have started Zoom cooking lessons as a way to stay connected, occupied, and indoors,” Kamath said. She has been using cooking during quarantine as a way to keep in touch with her mum. “I feel like I’m developing better intuition, learning all about ingredient substitutes, and getting more in touch with my heritage and family.