Fleet Week returns, events bring excitement and tradition


Blue Angels fly over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mara Pleasure, Staff Writer

Do you want to watch fireworks on a Saturday night? Or stand on the Marina Green and watch the blue angels fly high above your head? The classic San Francisco Fleet Week returns this year to bring excitement and a tradition back to the Bay Area, after having been cancelled last year due to the government shut down.

The week of events kicked off on Tuesday, October 7 with an event called “Bark in the Park,” where specially trained dogs displayed their skills such as bomb detection and tracking. The final event will be a High School Band Challenge on Monday October 13. The festivities over this weekend are where the excitement really takes off.

The Air Shows, the stars of the event lineup will take place today and tomorrow from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The United States Navy Blue Angels will weave and swirl about above the beautiful San Francisco Bay. Other performers such as the United States Navy Leap Frogs and the Patriots Jet Team will join them. The weather is predicted to be high 80s, perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors. Tonight will conclude with an 8:30 pm Fireworks show, a sight surely not to be missed.

Some Urban students will be attending Fleet Week this year as they follow their families’ traditions of watching the jets and 747s fly high. Chantal Toupin (’15) says she likes “when the big airplanes, like 747s, or military jets do dives because it is insane.” Charlotte de Anda (’15) looks forward to the food and hanging out on her family friend’s “tower-like roof” to watch the planes fly by.

The Fleet Week website claims it is “The most important fun you’ll have all year.” Below is a video explaining why.

Go online to http://fleetweeksf.org/ to explore more of the events or even Buy a Burger for a Sailor.