LegendCast: A farewell interview with Mark Salkind

Lola McAllister and Kian Nassre

Do you wonder what a secret filing cabinet, a very bad demonstration of physics, and a LEED EBOM rating have to do with Mark Salkind? Are you curious about how Urban has transformed in the past few decades from a school in the realm of the alternative to a highly competitive beacon of learning? Do you just want to know a bit more about Mark?

If you answered yes to any of those questions (or even if you answered no), check out the Urban Legend’s second-ever episode of its first-ever podcast: LegendCast.

The podcast features an interview with retiring Urban Head of School Mark Salkind who sat down with the Urban Legend to discuss his time as an Urban Student, how he became Head of School, and the changes that have come to Urban since then.

This episode was written and produced by Lola McAllister and Kian Nassre.