Urban’s annual dodgeball tournament

Jason Cinti, Sports Editor/Online

Urban’s long-delayed dodgeball tournament finally came to an end on May 14 as the SF Ferries took down the Crew.

The last game was a long time coming. Beginning on March 22, 55 Urban students gave the Dodgeball Tourna­ment their all as they com­peted in intense matches dur­ing lunch. A total of 11 teams, each composed of six to seven players, took part in the tour­nament this year.

For students, the tourna­ment requires no real anxiety or pressure, since the event doesn’t require planning or practice. Of course, there’s some “mental preparation for the games, but that’s about it,” said Sam Cash (’10), who led the SF Ferries team to vic­tory. The only thing that each team needed in order to suc­ceed was some sense of team­work, though some athletic ability didn’t hurt.

At each lunch (a 50-minute period), two matches took place. Fans gathered in the gym as the teams battled it out for the best out of three games. For Sarah Atkinson (’12), a dedicated fan who went to several of the match­es, the best part of watching the tournament was “how intensely the players got into it.”

After a rigorous series of intense dodge ball games, the two teams, both composed of mostly senior boys, made it to the championship. Unfortu­nately, the game was played on May 14, a good month after the end of the regular season. Not a lot of fans were present to experience the thrill and excitement of the final championship game, maybe because they were unaware that the tournament had not yet come to an end. Despite the light turnout, the senior boys ferociously battled it out for “supremacy over every­one else,” said Cash.

In previous years at Urban, the dodgeball tournament used to be “the (most popu­lar) school activity,” accord­ing to Jordan Calhoun (’10), one of the hosts of the tour­nament this year. Calhoun believes that the tournament “is slowly dwindling down in terms of the amount of partic­ipation.”

Even so, Calhoun hopes that in coming years dodge­ball will be an important school focus. After all, what’s more amusing than watching your friends heave rubber balls at each other?