Fans and players react to potential NFL lockout

At 11:59 p.m., on March 11, the National Football League owners locked out the players. The NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) filed an injunction on the lockout, which the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis is expected to rule on in the upcoming weeks.

The lockout primarily stemmed from financial disputes between the NFL players’ union and the team owners.  The NFL is the most profitable sport in America, with the league’s revenue up 31 percent this year mostly due to TV deals.

The NFL players receive 41 percent of the profit, when they consider themselves the source of the NFL’s vast income.

Nonetheless, the NFL lockout would effect more than just the financial position of the players and the team owners.  If the lockout continues into the season, many local economies will be hurt by the NFL’s absence.

In addition the lives of many die-hard fans will suffer as well.

“I need a sport to watch in the fall,” said Walker Willet (’13), an avid football fan. “A lockout would be really disappointing, but at the same time, I would rather see a lockout then see the owners get their side of the deal. What they are asking is simply ridiculous because they want the players to take a smaller cut, even though it’s the players that make the owners all their money.”

On top of the fans, the players are eager to return to football in the fall as well.

“The NFL lockout is coming,” tweeted Pierre Garcon (username PierreGarcon85), wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, “I need a job…who’s hiring?”