Girls varsity basketball trounces rival University at Kezar in front of large crowd

Annakai Geshlider, Special to the Legend

Jan. 16- For the first time since the 2009-2010 season, the girls Varsity basketball team beat the University High School Devils on Jan. 17 at Kezar Pavilion. Despite a rough start, the Blues dominated University for the majority of the game and won 62-40.

“We started (out) kind of depressing,” said Urban student and fan Rico Colley (’14). “We fought and fought and fought, and took a fat lead.”

The girls gained momentum when Natalie Sears (’15) scored a three-pointer and C.J. Catina (’16) — who celebrated her birthday on the court — followed with a layup.

“Nice exclamation point!” said history teacher Dan Matz, who was in attendance as Kira Waldman (’16) hit a three-point shot.

Fans celebrated the Blues’ dominant play over their longtime rivals. “I’m overjoyed,” said Canada Choate (’13). Fans enthusiastically cheered as Lars Archer (’16) brandished a blue plastic vuvuzela and excitedly blew it whenever the Blues scored.

The fans’ enthusiasm for the game was matched by their hunger for doughnuts, brought by Athletic Director Greg Angilly. “Halftime means doughnut time!” said Walker Calhoun (’14), as students rapidly devoured four boxes of Krispy Kreme delights while Freshman/Sophomore Dean Clarke Weatherspoon announced the game for online listeners.

An unusual number of babies attended the game. In addition to coach Vinny Toth’s infant son, Noah, Associate Director of Admissions Annie Reece’s baby, Marley, was also present. Asked for her comments on the game, Marley, who was sitting on Junior/Senior Dean Geoff Ruth’s lap, expressed herself by typing “lk,ictyk,j …  =]”  on this reporter’s keyboard.

The girls play Marin Academy next on Jan. 23 at Kezar.