Procrastinating with Eli: Don’t Let Kanye into his Zone

Screenshot of the Kanye Zone website. Usernames blocked out to protect privacy.

Eli Dinkelspiel, Staff Writer

October 10, 2013

Procrastinating with Eli is a blog that shows off some of the best ways to take a breather on the web —  from sites that blow you away with their beauty and creativity, to some of the most inane time-sucks out there.   In late 2011, hip-hop superstars Kanye West an...

Stories of strength and support emerge from Japan after earthquake and tsunami disaster

Jessie King Fredel, Staff Writer

March 24, 2011

On March 11, Japan was hit by one of the greatest natural disasters in recent history: a combination of an earthquake and a tsunami (and now threats of nuclear explosions) that are comparable to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. However, stories of heroism and bravery of the Japanese people have surfaced through...

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