Injured Urban Blues working towards recovery

Lola McAllister, Editor in Chief of Design

October 26, 2017

For many athletes, it is a reality that life is riddled with the occasional minor injury. These injuries may keep athletes icing on the sideline for a game or two, but the recovery is fairly minimal. Every once in awhile, an athlete suffers an injury that keeps them from their sport for an extended per...

Urban freshmen playing varsity sports reveal their secrets to success

Ariane Goldsmith, Staff Writer

December 8, 2015

ALIZA MAYER How and when did you start playing tennis? “I started playing tennis when I was four years old, just taking lessons. In seventh grade I played for the United States Tennis Association, which was a competition for San Francisco tennis players and also sponsor the US Open.” ...

Popular San Francisco high school sports news website stays alive despite budget crisis

Popular San Francisco high school sports news website stays alive despite budget crisis

Jason Cinti, Staff Writer

February 23, 2012

Log on to, one of the only sources of coverage for high school sports in the Bay Area, and you will immediately notice a “Help Keep Alive” button in the top right corner. According to the website, in the summer of 2011, Jeremy Balan, the founder of SanFranPreps....

10 Questions for Urban School varsity basketball players

Jason Cinti and Jenna Waldman, staff writers

February 6, 2011

Question Lily Burns (’11) Carly Kuperschmid (’12) Julian Matulich (’12) Selby Cohen (’11) Biggest strength on the court Communication. I try really hard to be talking and communicating with my team constantly. on defense and offense, both in practice and games. That and getting excited a...

Boys Varsity Soccer vs. University

December 1, 2010

Urban's boys varsity soccer team battles San Francisco University High School on Oct. 12.

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