The Urban Legend

Posters, traditional Chinese dancing, and a political prisoner: investigating Shen Yun’s religious connections

Line art from the 2018-2019 Yeti. Illustration by Kian Nassre, Web Editor

Zoe Lusk, Caboose editor

May 10, 2019

You’ve seen the ads. For most San Franciscans, the words “Shen Yun” summon images of the inescapable pastel posters. This year’s advertisements, which feature a serene woman leaping with arms outstretched set against a glaring lavender background, seem to be on every bus, train, telephone pol...

Unlocking Locker Culture at Urban

Lily Lorenzo's '19 locker in the second floor hallway, by Clementine Daniel, staff writer.

Clementine Daniel, Staff Writer

May 8, 2019

If you walk down the hallway at the Urban School, you’ll see rows of dark blue lockers just like any other high school, but one thing might stand out: there are almost no locks.   At Freshman Orientation, each student is given a locker number, code, and combination lock. These locks, however, oft...

The note-taking hall of fame

Photo of colorful notes of Kikani Libada ‘21. Photo by Kikani Libada.

Clementine Daniel, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

In every Urban classroom there’s at least one student whose notes could be framed in gold and placed on the wall of a museum. From review sheets for a math final to notes from a history class, notes are some of the most important aspects of learning at any school—particularly at Urban, where students are ex...

Male athletes at Urban discuss sexual harassment

Illustration representing toxic masculinity. Illustration by Kian Nassre, web editor.

Tallula Ricciardi, Arts and Culture Editor

May 5, 2019

In February, male identifying athletes gathered in Urban’s St. Agnes gym with former NFL player Mark Herzlich and wife Danielle Herzlich to discuss respect towards women, and, more specifically, how to support survivors of sexual assault. The meeting was organized by Urban’s Young Men’s Group (...

Argentine ants at Urban

Illustration of an argentine ant by Tikloh Bruno-Basaing, Sports Editor.

Tikloh Bruno-Basaing, Sports Editor

May 4, 2019

Over the past few months, skinny black trails of ants have appeared around our school—in our trash cans, lockers, and dining spaces. These ants are a result of the wet and rainy weather this winter, which forces ants to come indoors to get away from the outside moisture in search of shelter and food. Com...

Urban France Trip 2019

On Friday we headed to the school of “Gastronomes à Recouvrance” to bake macaroons. First, we made the cookies in our chosen flavors: passionfruit, raspberry, pistachio, and chocolate-caramel. After making the cookies, we made fillings to match. Lastly, we used pastry bags to pipe filling into the cookie sandwiches before we plopped the delicious treats into our mouths.

Zella Lezak, Staff Writer

May 4, 2019

All Photos Taken By Zella Lezak '20 and Julia Clark '19

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