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GOP’s Obamacare replacement passes House of Representatives

Kian Nassre, staff writer

May 13, 2017

  On Thursday, May 4, the American Health Care Act passed the House of Representatives 217 to 213. The vote came just one day after Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) announced that the House would hold a vote for the bill.   The vote was largely along party lines, with all 192 Democrat me...

Opinion: Voter ID laws demean democracy

Opinion: Voter ID laws demean democracy

October 16, 2012

Voting. It’s the most treasured cornerstone of our representative democracy. It’s the way citizens decide who governs them and what polices those who govern will employ. It’s a fundamental part of being American. But the sacredness of voting is being threatened. Recent laws and restrictions...

Urban high school seniors register to vote

November 17, 2011

How many times have you walked down the street when someone asked if you were interested in his or her cause? If you’re like most students, it’s too many times to count. Students walking through the streets of San Francisco often encounter canvassers who ask if they’re able to vote. And for...

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