Humans of Haight

Being on top of Mount Whitney after doing the John Muir trail at 14495 feet above sea level and I got there the night before and I was sitting there with my sacred pipe and I was smoking my herbs… and I woke up before the sun came up and it changed and I was like holy s***, I felt the warmth and I was like crying tears, man, goin’ “thank you.”
– Richard Bardus, 58

[My biggest regret was] probably taking out a s*** ton of money instead of saving it in the bank… in order to try to buy a car and the person gypped me.
– Raven

I stopped eating for 33 days because I was addicted to sugar and I couldn’t stop. So finally I said I prefer to die so I’ll start with it and I’ll see where it goes. I stopped with sugar. I didn’t take it again.
– Richard, 70

I miss my school. You should be at school all day. I used to be at school just to be around my friends.
– Abner, 25












Orla Meehan
Orla Meehan