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Youth civic engagement is vital to the success of our political system

Youth civic engagement is vital to the success of our political system

Sophia Vahanvaty, Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper

November 16, 2017

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Though it may seem that youth are voiceless until they have the right to vote, there are many ways to get involved, learn more about local politics or make one’s views on local issues heard and acknowledged. In fact, many of the issues that affect students the most, such as public transportatio...

Urban must preserve free speech in the face of extremism

Jack Cogen, Opinions Editor

October 26, 2017

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The Urban School’s commitment to free speech and promotion of its core values of diversity and equality do not have to infringe on each other, even in these divided times. On the first day of every school year, Head of School Mark Salkind speaks to the Urban School’s core values, about how the scho...

Reality Hunger in the era of the alternative fact

Zachary Ngin, Guest Writer

October 24, 2017

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“The life span of a fact is shrinking. I don’t think there’s time to save it,” writes David Shields in Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. In the seven years since those words were published, America has officially entered the post-truth era. The daily newspaper has become a tasteless thriller sho...

Senior pranks let school down

Diego Lopez, Staff Writer

May 18, 2017

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   The Urban School of San Francisco suffers from senior pranks that don't appeal to the entire student body. The senior class is restricted by rules enforced by the Head of Student Life, Charlotte Worsley. The pranks must be approved by Worsley as well as Dawn Jefferson, the 11th/12th Grade Dean, and H...

Nationalism and globalism will define the political landscape

Cole Palmer, Staff Writer

May 18, 2017

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"These fissures opening up in the political establishment are endemic of a system organized around an outmoded principle: the left/right dichotomy."

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EDITORIAL: Career Services Could Expand Urban’s Horizons

Jack Cogen, Staff Writer

May 18, 2017

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One of the Urban School’s core values states that “learning extends beyond the classroom to instill in students a sense of mission and purpose as citizens of the larger community and world.” Urban reinforces this mission with the Service Learning program, an effective way to involve students with v...

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