101 Things to do during Quarantine

Zella Lezak, Managing Web Editor

Hi Blues,
As you are all aware we are not at school because we must self-quarantine to prevent ourselves from getting the coronavirus and to protect our peers from getting the virus. While I think that deep down we all know that we are doing the right thing, that does not mean that being in isolation is easy. However, I also think that although we are in an undesirable situation, that does not mean that we cannot make the most out of our time in quarantine. Attached below is a list of 101 things to do during this time. I hope that it brightens your day and makes it a little more bearable!

Start a mini garden
Send a care package to a friend or family member
Try an online exercise class or app
Clean your room
Stare out the window
Interpret the clouds
Take a bubble bath
Do something with mason jars
Play dress up
Make a guidebook of your local surroundings for things you want to do after the quarantine is over
Make jewelry
Go for a (socially distanced) walk,
Be quirky and decorate your sneakers
Browse the Urban Legend!
Practice your photography
Have a virtual sleepover
Use a writing prompt generator and then get going!
Paint your clothes
Make a terrarium
Organize something
Try out new podcasts
Read a book
Make a meal for your family
Bake something
Have a picnic inside
Make a movie
Have a photoshoot
Have a movie marathon
Try new looks
Shop online
Start a large puzzle
Journaling: who knows? Maybe it will be in someone’s history reader someday because of their unprecedented time period we are living in
Start learning an instrument
Have a spa night
Write letters
Reach out to those people you have been missing lately
Have a family game night
Watch Oscar-nominated movies
Watch movies you think should have won Oscars
Create a relaxing playlist
Create a distraction playlist
Make a self-portrait
Search for the perfect sunglasses
Write a short story
Make a movie theater in your house
Make a fortune teller
Try out new hairstyles on yourself or someone else
Give someone a makeover!
Interview a family member about their life story
Support local businesses by getting takeout!
Watch a cooking show and try and cook along
Make a scavenger hunt
Perform a play with your family
Rearrange your room
Read a story over FaceTime to a younger relative (or an older relative, everyone loves stories)
Learn a new dance
Build something with Legos!
Embroider your clothes
Learn to type faster!
Learn origami
Try and learn how to do the splits
Donate to food banks
Take a nap
Have a virtual dinner party
Have a game of Skribbl-io with your friends and or family
Write a letter to your future self
Make a list of cool pet names/child names
Have a tea party
Make friendship bracelets
Browse Zillow for your dream house
Have a conversation with someone from 6 feet apart
Feed the ducks
Go to the Palace of Fine Arts
Go to the wave organ
Go to the beach
Take a hike
Start binging a new show
Make paper dolls
Decide your life motto
Have Zoom lunches with your friends
Make a puppet show
Decorate your walls
Bedazzle something
Light a scented candle
Listen to a guided relaxation
Make a flower arrangement
Turn off your electronics
Go throw away your stuff and spark joy
Wake up and watch the sunrise
Or watch the sunset!
Learn to solve a Rubix cube
Plant a tree
Have a dance party
Try and beat a world record (a safe one obviously :))
Make your own list, reach for the stars