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The Urban Legend

Downs, McConnell, Rechtin and Schultz

Meet your new ninth grade representatives!

After being elected in October, Greta Rechtin ‘27, Lachlan McConnell ‘27, Griffin Schultz ‘27 and Kaya Downs ‘27 share their experiences running for ninth-grade representative in an interview with The Urban Legend. 


What inspired you to run for Student Committee (StuCo)? 

McConnell: “I was president [of Student Government] at my past school. … I like putting myself 

forward and giving my all to events and holidays. [I enjoy] that kind of planning and listening to people and hearing what they want.” 

Rechtin: “I did [San Francisco Day School’s] student congress and I liked that, so I thought it 

would be interesting [to run for StuCo at Urban]. I didn’t think I was going to win, but I 

thought it’d be fun to try because there’s no disadvantage.”


Did you run into any challenges in the running process?

McConnell: “The hardest part was believing in myself. I know that sounds corny, but it’s hard to 

put yourself out there in front of 100 people, make a speech and show that you want 

to be there for them … it can be quite intimidating.” 

Downs: “[My speech] was not my best work because I wasn’t sure what to write. Some people 

said you should talk about your goals but others said it shouldn’t be too serious. So it ended up being a really awkward in-between, and I was honestly kind of surprised that I won afterward.”


What’s your favorite breakfast?

McConnell: “Egg and cheese bagel with chamomile tea.”

Rechtin: “Honey Nut Cheerios with an iced chai.”

Downs: “Maple syrup-covered Belgian waffles or pancakes with orange juice or a matcha latte.”

Schultz: “Waffles with maple syrup and water.”


What are your first impressions of Urban?

Rechtin: “I really like it. I thought it was gonna be harder to get used to, but within the first week, 

it felt like I’d been here a lot longer. It’s also really easy to meet new people.”

Schultz: “The class sizes are really small. At A.P. Giannini Middle School, they have classes 

with almost 35 people, and then I came to my first Urban class and there were around 11 

people in it … It’s easier to learn because the teacher has fewer kids to worry about, so they can focus more on each person.”


Favorite past Halloween costume: 

McConnell: “Alien with a UFO made from aluminum foil and half of a clear beach ball.”

Rechtin: “Gretel, featuring my twin brother as Hansel.”

Downs: “Group costume — giant blow-up dinosaurs.”

Schultz: “Old man with glasses, a trench coat and a cane.” 


What’s a long-shot goal that you have for Urban?

Downs: “I want to change our mascot! My sister (Gracie Downs ‘24) said it should be a yeti and 

I stand by that.” 

Schultz: “I want to get those squiggly people they have at gas stations around the school.”


What are some hopes and goals you have as a representative?

Schultz: “Make an impact on the class and make it a good year for them.”

Downs: “Make sure as many people as possible can feel supported. … I understand how 

Important [having] a good support system is, especially when transitioning schools. I transferred [schools] in fifth grade and I almost failed out. [But] when I started using my resources, it got a lot better.”

McConnell: “I hope we become family and become more close. I mean, we only have four years here and that’s not long. I want to make every year count and I want to have fun!”


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