The big spoon


Medium Cat Spoon from Bobbin & Spool

Diego Lopez, Staff Writer

Urban is a school filled with unique and amazing people. One of these people is Mason Hunt (‘19), a spoon carver. Mason has recently launched a small business selling his hand carved wooden spoons. He has been making wooden spoons since January of 2015.

He first learned his craft during from Wendy Chen, a wooden spoon specialist, at a workshop in the east bay. He has been making spoons ever since he took the workshop. Mason was inspired to keep working on spoons after the workshop because, “The art and designing ergonomically sound handles was something that intrigued me.” Hunt uses a many types of tools to create the spoons including, “gouges, rasps, hook knifes, smaller hand held knifes and lots of sandpaper.” “Starting in January it it took me about 6 hours to make and finish a spoon,” Hunt stated when asked about the process, “but it’s slowly worked its way down to two and a half hours per spoon.” Mason currently has ten different spoons up on his websites shop but he said, “I make a range of different shapes and styles. There is really an infinite amount of possibilities in regard to handle size or just the gauge of the bowl.” If you are interested in purchasing one of his spoons look through his website.