New teachers reflect on joining the Urban community

Sydney Riemer, Web Editor

This year Urban welcomed 14 new faculty and staff members, ranging from math and English teachers to a new Director of Learning Services. As they continue to become integrated into Urban’s community, many have described their experiences during their first few weeks and though there have been a few bumps along the way, most new staff members expressed that they have felt welcomed into Urban.

Rachel Herbert, the new Director of Learning Services, explained that what first struck her about Urban was the “thoughtful[ness]” of the students who interviewed her for her position. “That was my first impression,” she said, referring to the students who “cared about the school enough to interview [her] to make sure [she] was a good fit.”

English teacher Lindsey Collins said, “ [I] had heard so many great things about [Urban]” and its “reputation of having such great people and students…The rumors are true,” Collins continued.

According to many of the new teachers, their time here so far has exceeded their expectations. Mischa Lassow, an Urban math teacher, explained that working at Urban has been “exactly what [he] expected in terms of being a great place to work with fantastic students, but [he] continues to be impressed every day.”

“One thing I like about Urban is [its] belief that high school is not just this gateway to college, but that high school is a meaningful experience,” said Chase Fretwell, the English Teaching Fellow.

When asked to share her favorite thing about working in the Haight-Ashbury area, new science teacher Patty Theodosopoulos said she, “loves walking through the park every morning” on her way to school, and “ loves [the neighborhood] because [she misses] city living.”

Finally, Elizabeth Harris, the Associate Director of College Counseling, shared that she loves “going to all school meetings” as well as “getting to learn about the clubs and the school community.”

“[Urban] feels bigger than I expected it to feel, and [there are] still a ton of people that I don’t know… but [people] also stop to check in and make sure I know where I am going and feel comfortable at the school,” concluded Katie-Rose Breslin. Let’s continue to welcome Urban’s new staff members and show them what the Urban community is about!