“Pirate” themed dance is a success

August Ackley

Every fall, student committee throws a school-wide dance in our gym. It’s a right-of-passage for freshmen, but students from all grades attend as well. Urban also allows students to invite friends from other schools. Most attendees are with theme.

The DJs of this year’s dance were Stephen Cuilla (’17) and James Hill (’17), who both had had no experience as DJs, but did a good job taking requests and involving all students at the dance. “The highlight of the dance was the first twenty minutes because the best songs were played back to back to back, like Chill Bill and Addicted to my Ex,” said James Hill (’17).

During the songs “Addicted to my Ex”, “Unity”, and “Caroline”, the attendees of the dance formed dance circles in which students showed off their moves. Crosby Tatham (’19) said that she felt “the inclusive community” when everyone was dancing.

This year’s theme was “pirates”. Themes of years passed were “beach”, “jungle” and “space rave”. Students from all grade levels came wearing eye-patches, striped shirts, and other popular pirate garb. The theme of the dance seemed to be the event’s only criticism. “[Last year’s] theme was super interpretable, I got to wear a life-vest and this year I could only wear minimal costume,” said Phoebe Charmatz (’18).

Overall, the dance was a great success. A range of students from different friend groups and grades came out. Next year, Urban students hope to spend the fall dance in the new gym.