Urban School three-sport athletes open up about managing time and sacrifices


Zoe Meneghetti

Natalie Sears (’15) inbounds the ball vs. league opponent Lick-Wilmerding

Jack Gallo, Staff Writer

For some Urban students, managing homework alone can be a challenging enough task. Students who participate in after school athletics do not get a chance start their homework for at least three hours after school, due to practice and commute.

As if managing homework was not difficult enough by itself, athletes sacrifice hours each week during a particular season as commitment to their given teams.

There are a few students in the school who play three sports a year, often going straight from one season right into the next. With practice almost every day of the school year on top of the academic workload and, potentially other extracurriculars as well, one might wonder: how do they do it?

Arthur Root (‘16) said he has never struggled managing his time getting homework done or getting a sufficient amount of sleep. “(Playing three sports) incentivises you to use your free time well because you have less of it.” Root has played soccer, basketball, and tennis all three years at Urban.

Root elaborated, “You are never in an offseason … you have to always be ready to switch sports.”

Rowan Williams (‘15) agreed. “(Playing three sports) encourages time management. After sports practices, I’m also more focused because I was able to get that extra energy out (during practice).”

Natalie Sears (‘15) also agreed with Williams, sharing that, “Sports have taught me how to manage my time. I know that if I procrastinate, my whole schedule gets messed up because of sports.” Sears has played volleyball, basketball, and soccer all four years at Urban.

When asked about his experiences having more free time, Williams responded, “I don’t have anything to compare it to.” Williams has played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse all four years at Urban.

Root also commented on the subject, “I’ve never had the luxury of having more free time on a weeknight.”

While playing a sport year-round throughout high school has required more time and dedication of these Urban athletes than most, they have learnt how to become more efficient with their time. When asked if they have ever considered dropping a sport, all three athletes replied that it has never crossed their minds.