Super Bowl 50 leaves online impression with TV ads and memes

Jack Gallo, Staff Writer

As another Super Bowl has come and gone, we take a look back on the highly anticipated and critically viewed TV commercials that aired during the game. Fan favorite Doritos lived up to the expectations of many with an instant taking place in a doctor’s office during an ultrasound.

Hyundai impressed this year with an array of comedy packed commercials including appearances from Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, and even a vegan bear.

The NFL rolled out a series of commercials featuring those born nine months after their hometown had won the Super Bowl, titling them Super Bowl Babies.

TV host Steve Harvey poked fun at his Miss Universe blunder in his appearance for T-Mobile and Christopher Walken embraced the obvious pun in his named and served as a Walken Closet.

However, after the big game had finished, the lasting impressions on social media came from different photoshopped images incorporating a picture of Michael Jordan in tears. Even Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry showed his support for his hometown Carolina Panthers by posting an iteration of the crying Jordan face.