Urban recognizes M&Ms on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Image of a jar of M&Ms. Illustration credit: Loki Olin.

Sophia Gibson, Staff Writer

November 27, 2019

On October 14, 2019, The Urban School of San Francisco gathered together in an all-school meeting and celebrated National M&M Day. Even though the state of California recognized that day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the holiday was not mentioned, other than a dedicated minute of silence at the end...

Columbus’ day, or not?

An 1876 monument dedicated  to Christopher Columbus in Mexico City. Published by Claudio Pellandini

Sam Johnson, Staff Writer

October 16, 2014

522 years ago, a mistake made by one man would change the world. Today, to Urban students. it means a three-day weekend, and not much more. On Monday, Oct. 13 the national holiday of Columbus Day gave Urban students a day off of school. Even though many students probably spent their day off enjoying...

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Celebrate Columbus Day