OPINION: 50 years later, Urban School core values continue to carry school community

Zoe Meneghetti, Editor-In-Chief of News

February 8, 2017

The 2016-2017 school year marks lots of change for The Urban School. This includes the creation of The Salkind Center and a new job title. However, despite these grand changes, The Urban School has been able to stay true to its original values. “Learning is an active, joyful process of discovery......


The Legend Staff

October 25, 2016

"we are likely witnessing not a departure from our old values, but an affirmation of the Urban identity"

Urban Looks to Change Homework Policy

Urban Looks to Change Homework Policy

Emma Draisin, Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

Complaints of a stressful homework load are common at Urban, but soon this may change. The Urban faculty has recognized that having a homework load so overwhelming that it necessitates a “catch up day” is a big problem. Recently, Geoff Ruth, Academic Dean, sent out a series of surveys to the student...

Uncovering Urban’s Stereotypes

Zoe Meneghetti, Staff Writer

June 10, 2015

I was sitting in the car on my way to my first high school visit, and for the third time that day, I begged my mom to cancel it. I told her that I did not think Urban was the right school for me. It was a school for artsy students and druggies. Unconvinced, she dropped me off on the corner of Page and...

EDITORIAL: Urban discussions need to be about dialogue rather than shutting each other down

EDITORIAL: Urban discussions need to be about dialogue rather than shutting each other down

Griffin Bianchi, Staff Writer

February 10, 2015

Urban puts effort into creating open spaces for discussing and learning outside of the classroom. For example, MultiCulti holds the annual Month of Understanding, and various clubs hold forums and panels to make space for important topics worthy of conversation that otherwise would not fit into school life. As Urban’s Core Values state “We honor the uniqueness o...

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