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Testing accommodations–not always so accommodating

Sophia Vahanvaty, Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper

November 16, 2017

As the Urban School students gear up for Week 12 testing, students with learning differences face the additional struggle of making sure their testing accommodations are in order. This process can be intense and draining and add additional stress to an already tense time. When asked to describe the ...

The unknown talent of our teachers

The unknown talent of our teachers

Aidan Ryan, Sports Editor

August 22, 2017

The Urban School’s faculty is filled with athletic talent. There are several previous Division 1 athletes, who dedicated their college years to constant sport for their university. Below are a few of the D1 teacher athletes at Urban: a baseball player from UC Davis, a basketball player from Boise ...

College myths: busted

February 8, 2017

Urban students have a variety of perceptions about college, ranging from “they only care about the SAT/ACT scores” (Olive Rynberg-Going, ‘18) to “it’s just a stream of constant pain until all the applications are done” (EZ Singer, ‘19).  However, considering that students continue to apply...

Who are you helping?

Diego Lopez

November 1, 2016

Imagine an Instagram picture of an Urban student surrounded by a bunch of small children in a third world country, the caption reads: “So thankful for this trip, these kids changed my life”. These service trips to exotic impoverished areas around the globe, also known as “voluntourism”, have bec...

Preserving academic freedom within safe spaces

Olivia Mitchel, Editor-in-Chief of Magazine

October 26, 2016

   Discomfort is a universal experience: a state of emotional pain that leaves one unsettled, insecure and hurt. Unpleasant as it may be, I believe it’s necessary to face discomfort in order to develop both intellectually and socially. Everyday discomfort often arises unexpectedly, however, in an ac...

Urban Students Rush into Calculus

Emmy Hicks-Jablons, Staff Writer

June 8, 2016

It is nearly impossible to go through your Junior year of high school without hearing the words; “Will this look bad for college?” At Urban, this question is particularly present during the beginning of the Spring trimester, as students select courses for the next school year. This course select...

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