A year in review: 2020-2021

Maya Campbell, Editor in Chief, Online June 7, 2021

First Day of School August 31, 2020 The absence of the Senior Raid into the Salkind Center gym on August 31, 2020, marked an untraditional start to the 2020-2021 school year, yet other ASM traditions...

Urban modifies annual events in response to COVID-19

Urban modifies annual events in response to COVID-19

Mira Chandriani, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

With COVID-19 rapidly spreading, Urban’s entire third trimester has turned into Virtual Urban. Along with students taking their classes online, traditional spring events are changing. Read on to learn...

Lick Wilmerding forces anonymity at girl talk

Ana Gorski, Editor of Arts and Culture May 28, 2018

On April 13, 2018, Urban’s Students for Women’s Equality and Rights (SWEAR) club and Lick Wilmerding’s Organization of Women (LWOW) club hosted the fourth annual Girl Talk. In past years, Girl Talk...

The Urban School and Lick Wilmerding co-host fourth annual Girl Talk

Ana Gorski, Head Fact Checker May 30, 2017

  Snaps of agreement resounded through the theater in collective understanding as those who identified with the female experience shared their stories. On Friday, April 21, Urban’s Students for Women’s...

Opinion: There's brilliance behind the mashup genre

Opinion: There’s brilliance behind the mashup genre

Kyra Bergsund, Staff Writer February 12, 2012

Thanks to the Internet and modern digital technology, a new genre of music has caught the attention of music aficionados and can now be found on a growing number of teen iPods.  Defined by urbandictionary.com...

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