Urban leads SF high schools with Meatless Mondays

Infographic comparing meat industry subsidies to fruit and vegetable industry subsidies. Source: Meatanomics. Infographic by Kian Nassre, Web Editor.

Ellie Lerner, Staff Writer

December 19, 2018

This December, Urban may become the first school in San Francisco to implement Meatless Mondays if the trial for the new menu is proven successful. Out of concern for the dire state of the environment, Urban student Ella Rosenblatt ‘19 brought the idea of Meatless Mondays to the school administratio...

San Francisco and The Urban School strive to meet Zero Waste goal by 2020

August Ackley, EIC of Digital Content

November 16, 2017

In August, 2017, the San Francisco Department of Environment and Recology announced that items once considered waste, including plastic bags and plastic wrap, can now be recycled. The Department of Environment called these changes “the most significant changes to the city’s recycling program sinc...

Ending the drought one drip at a time

The California drought is so severe that many beautiful lakes like Shasta Lake are drying up.

Ilana Brandstetter, Features Editor

November 19, 2014

Despite the Urban community’s pride as environmentalists, few students have made significant changes in the midst of California’s worst drought in reported history. Diana Silvestri (’15), a member of Green Team, noticed a lack of knowledge underneath our big talk. “We can throw big words like...

Josey Baker bakes up a storm at The Mill, new San Francisco bakery

Josey Baker, a young San Francisco business owner, opened a bakery in February that offers a wide variety of breads and other goods.

Tessa Petrich, Staff Writer

March 27, 2013

Seed feast, dark mountain rye, country, corn kamut, walnut, black pepper Parmesan, whole wheat, apricot sage — whatever sparks Josey Baker’s interest, he makes. His bread creations are now available at his bakery, The Mill, which opened on Feb. 13. The Mill is located at 736 Divisadero St., between...

Urban School’s Green Team takes aim at water bottles

Urban School's Green Team takes aim at water bottles

Sara Brooks, Charlotte Harris, Staff Writer, Guest Writer

November 9, 2010

If Urban's Green Team has its way, water bottles may one day become an endangered species. Members are educating students about plastic’s impact on the environment and the high cost of buying water bottles. Members also are lobbying to ban plastic water bottle sales in the student center. Green T...

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