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LegendCast: A farewell interview with Mark Salkind

Royalty free photo of a micriphone and audio being edited, courtesy of Pexals.

Lola McAllister and Kian Nassre

June 3, 2019

Do you wonder what a secret filing cabinet, a very bad demonstration of physics, and a LEED EBOM rating have to do with Mark Salkind? Are you curious about how Urban has transformed in the past few decades from a school in the realm of the alternative to a highly competitive beacon of learning? Do you...

Profile: getting the scoop on Mark Salkind, Urban’s head of school

Mark Salkind was Urban's ping-pong champion in 1983. Salkind attended Urban and has now been its head of school for 25 years.

Annakai Geshlider

November 9, 2011

Salkind met an Urban art teacher who encouraged him to apply for a music teacher position. After he didn’t get the job, the school director (before heads, legs or other appendages of school, there were merely directors), Carl Munger, invited Salkind to work on the art program. Salkind wrote gr...

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