The Urban Legend

The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The Urban Legend

The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The Urban Legend

BSU poster in the Library on Tuesday, November 9th. Photo credit: Lochlain Steere.

Urban’s affinity and ally spaces balance light and heavy discussions

Reese Bassuk, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

Earlier this year, the student body filled up the Salkind Center Gym to listen to students present the affinity and ally spaces they led. All grades received a google form to put themselves on the sign...

Illustration credit: Luke McKane.

Opinion: inside Young Men’s Group

Luke McKane, Staff Writer and Designer November 18, 2021

As a member of the Student Admissions Committee, I have described Young Men’s Group (YMG) countless times to both prospective students and their parents, but I have found that some members of the Urban...

Illustration credit: Viva Wertz.

Sexual assault discussions at Urban: are they survivor-centric?

Viva Wertz, Staff Writer & Designer November 18, 2021

“Each year 434,000 Americans ages 12 and older are sexually assaulted,” according to a Planned Parenthood survey. At Urban, 10th graders participate in a six-week health class, and 11th graders take...

Urban students at a coffee machine on Thursday, October 28. Photo credit: Ella Chen.

Caffeine: helpful tool or addictive drug?

Ella Chen, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

Urban students often show up to their 8:30 a.m. morning class with a cup of coffee or a Yerba Mate in hand. Between long days of school, extracurriculars and limited hours of sleep, caffeine can provide...

Illustration credit: Tulin Chang-Maltepe.

Did you forget how hard Urban was: students, teachers struggle with speedy Fall term.

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Managing Editor November 18, 2021

As students returned to fully in-person school, Urban classes have gone back to the speed of a regular Fall term. This adjustment has been coupled with a severe learning gap that students all across...

Out-of-service Muni train at Church & 20th. Photo credit: Cooper Makhijani.

Free Muni program plagued by problems

Cooper Makhijani, Staff Writer, Opinions Editor October 16, 2021

Story update: Since this article's writing, SFMTA has fixed some of the problems mentioned in this article, mainly fare area access. Youth may now use the larger wheelchair accessible fare gates closest...

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