Midterm Madness V: What’s Next?

Midterm Madness V: What's Next?
December 20, 2018

What 2018 tells us about the Democrats’ 2020 strategy The conversation about the Democrats’ strategy to take on Trump in 2020 is centered on two types of swing states: the rust belt and the sun...

Urban School of San Francisco students look inward and outward in an attempt to process Trump’s victory

Students from the Urban School of San Francisco protest the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States in San Francisco's financial district
The 2016 election cycle has come to a close, with Donald Trump elected as 45th president of the United States
November 9, 2016
"There is significant fear that a man who has been accused of sexual assault by a dozen women and a man who is seen by many students as xenophobic, islamophobic, racist and misogynistic is now our president-elect” -Dan Matz

Urban’s elections class analyzes 2016 race

Charisse Wu lectures during Elections and Civics Class, Oct. 5, 2016.
October 13, 2016

   In the midst of one of America’s most strange and complex presidential elections, many Urban students have chosen to widen their political understanding in taking the “Elections 2016” course...

First presidential primaries spark conversation and shift support

Donald Trump, President elect of the United States
March 23, 2016

In the final week of January, anticipation for the Iowa caucuses, sparked discussions about the top candidates. For the more liberal voters, there was considerable support for Senator and Democratic candidate,...

Urban school expresses apathy towards Democratic primary

October 14, 2015

With fewer candidates, the 2016 Democratic presidential primary is garnering much less attention than the Republican primary. Candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders currently receive the vast...

Feeling Lost in the Electoral Landsacpe? Here’s a Refresher

June 10, 2015

The clear frontrunner in the Democratic primary is Hillary Clinton. Adopting fringe left politics such as gay marriage, cannabis decriminalisation, and gun control only when they become mainstream, Clinton...

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