San Francisco bans flavored tobacco in hopes of discouraging teen smokers

San Francisco bans flavored tobacco in hopes of discouraging teen smokers

Phoebe Grandi, Visuals Editor

October 25, 2018

With the approval of Proposition E, San Francisco leads the United States in a fight against Big Tobacco by halting flavored tobacco sales throughout the entire city. On June 5, 2018, San Francisco voted in favor of Prop. E, banning the sale of flavored tobacco. It went into effect on July 20, but will...

2018 Voter guide

Eli Gordon, Staff Writer

June 4, 2018

While some people believe that voting in local elections is less important than voting for president, local politics can actually have a greater impact on an individual’s life. Because of this, I encourage anyone who is 18 or older to vote on June 5, when San Francisco residents will vote for their n...

What is our generation name?

Ana Gorski, Editor of Arts and Culture

March 28, 2018

Following Generation X and Y, the name Generation Z is so nondescript and bland in comparison to the Greatest Generation or even the Baby Boomers. Although the current study body is apart of Generation Z, which ranges from the 1990s to the early 2000s, the name fails to properly characterize the bread...

Student usage of the Juul concerns Urban School health department

Lola McAllister, Editor-in-Chief, Design

March 28, 2018

   Posters adorn Urban’s walls with messages such as “don’t be a fuul, put down the juul,” with warnings of erectile dysfunction and the dangers of nicotine addictions. They make it clear that members of our community are aware of, and perhaps taking action against, the Juul (stylized as the JUUL)...

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