What is our generation name?

Ana Gorski, Editor of Arts and Culture

March 28, 2018

Following Generation X and Y, the name Generation Z is so nondescript and bland in comparison to the Greatest Generation or even the Baby Boomers. Although the current study body is apart of Generation Z, which ranges from the 1990s to the early 2000s, the name fails to properly characterize the bread...

Rooms With a View

Rendering by Pfau Long Architecture

Zachary Ngin, Staff Writer

March 17, 2016

Urban’s North Campus, the so-called “Blueprint for the Future,” is opening next year. The 63,000-square-foot building will include seven classrooms, two student commons, a college counseling center, a “tournament-sized gymnasium,” and more. Wow. Given the blinding rate of change at 1563 Page ...

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