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Trust me or track me: how cell phone tracking affects child-parent dynamics

An Urban student looks at the Find My Friends app. Photo credit: Phoebe Grandi.

Phoebe Grandi, Visuals Editor

May 31, 2019

A few years ago, cell phones were the newest frontier for teenage independence. With the increasing popularity of apps like Find My Friends, however, parents have turned teens’ cell phones into location trackers. Out of 53 Urban students who responded to a schoolwide survey regarding location track...

Bring Back Our Girls’ “School Girl March” seeks to raise awareness about Nigerian kidnappings

Campaigners march in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, as a part of

Ilana Brandstetter, Staff Writer

May 22, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls, a social awareness campaign that started in California, is organizing a worldwide School Girl March today to raise awareness about the plight of 276 Nigerian girls abducted from their school by Islamic terrorists more than a month ago. According to the Bring Back Our Girls web...

Guest Opinion: Two Urban students against the “Safe Teen Socializing Agreement”

Guest Opinion: Two Urban students against the

Harry Krinsky and Charlotte Blanc, Guest writers

February 8, 2011

Read the parent guest opinion on the "Safe Teen Socializing Contract" by John M. O'Connell Jr. As freshmen, we can eat on Haight Street on the first day of school. We have laptops and no Web site restrictions. We even participated in deciding on the grading policy, which will have a large impact on our hig...

Urban School Teens Give Thoughts On Choice to Drink

Urban School Teens Give Thoughts On Choice to Drink

Marney Kline, Staff writer

February 6, 2011

Welcome to high school: it’s middle school on steroids. The workload, the people, the parties – it’s all amped up just a notch or two. And at some point, all students are confronted by temptations that conflict with the law, their families’ values, and their own moral beliefs. Decisions loom...

Urban students ponder “Tiger” parenting in light of viral article by Amy Chua

Urban students ponder

Jamie Friedman, Staff writer

February 2, 2011

You are not allowed to attend a sleepover. No play dates or school plays, no complaining about not being in a school play. You must be the top student in every class. Your extracurricular activities must consist of the violin or piano only. Welcome to the lives of children living under the roof of...

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