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The Urban Legend

The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The Urban Legend

What is Cop City?

What is Cop City?

Mia Fessel, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

The Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, dubbed Cop City by critics, has caused a wave of controversy, reigniting fights about police violence and Indigenous sovereignty. Cop City is a large planned...

How “Encanto” empowers: the importance of representation in media

Dawson Hoe, Staff Writer, Designer March 3, 2022

On Rotten Tomatoes, “Encanto” has a 91% rating on the tomatometer, 195 reviews, a 93% audience score, and over 2500 verified ratings. Encanto’s hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has...

4 Urban Juniors Run Weekly 8.46 Miles in Response to Police Brutality

Callum Yeaman, Sports Editor October 19, 2020

Following the murder of George Floyd, an innocent 46-year-old African American man accused of using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill, America was left in a state of outrage and indignation. Urban students...

Illustration of cinematic poster for best picture winner The Green Book.
By Lena Bianchi, Design Editor.

The overlooked controversy surrounding the Oscar Best picture nominee, “Green Book”

Ian Ryan, Staff Writer February 25, 2019

The Oscars took place on Feb 24, and while the ceremony may have gone much better than many thought it would without a host, one big point of controversy has been the winner of the Best Picture award,...

EDITORIAL: Urban school needs to bring discussions of race to outside of classroom

Zoe Meneghetti, Opinions Editor March 23, 2016

   It recently came to light that for multiple years, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory students have been sponsoring parties with a clearly racist theme. At Stern Grove, students have been dressing...

Urban Reacts to #OscarsSoWhite

August Ackley, Staff Writer March 22, 2016
It's unhealthy to worship this awards show that people consider ‘the definitive ranking of a good movie’ when there's clearly a racial and gender bias there, ... it's run by a bunch of old white guys” said Ryan Barnett, (‘19).
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