Editorial: It’s time for Urban to boycott bottled water

VOSS bottled water is now sold in Urban cafeterias. Illustration credit: Loki Olin

Ellie Lerner, Staff Writer

May 30, 2019

As of this May, hundreds of VOSS water bottles can be seen strewn around Urban classrooms and knocked over next to recycling bins. While Flik recently replaced the sale of plastic LIFEWTR water bottles with more sustainable glass VOSS water bottles, the process of packaging, transporting and chilling any f...

The Urban Legend staff invites students to write for the paper

October 28, 2010

Arthur Miller once said, “a good newspaper should be a nation talking to itself.” Our goal as a staff is to help Urban talk to itself, to be what our mission statement calls a “vehicle of student freedom of expression and a public forum for The Urban School community.” But we feel that the...

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