Anti-abortion groups push to defund Planned Parenthood

Emma Draisin, Staff Writer

December 8, 2015

After allegations accusing Planned Parenthood of the federal offense of selling fetal tissue, citizens and politicians who are ‘pro-life’ are pushing for federal funding of the organization to be cut because of due to moral opposition. Many Urban students, according to an online survey in October, d...

Use of internet slang sneaks into students’ classrooms

Zoe Meneghetti, Staff Writer

October 20, 2015

R u busy rn? Nah? Then hbu #read this article about the use of internet slang. Today, the way students communicate with each other online and through text messaging is sneaking into their everyday spoken language. According to Nick Cimarusti from USC’s student newspaper, The Daily Trojan “int...

High expectations for participation hinder students’ grades

Zoe Meneghetti, Staff Writer

June 4, 2015

There are 15 minutes left of class when my teacher asks the students a question. After 30 seconds, only one student raises his hand. The teacher continues eyeing the room as she nearly begs for another student to put their hand up. My teacher aggressively asks the student with his hand raised to give...

Urban School students question necessity of driver’s license

Ilana Brandstetter, Staff Writer

February 10, 2015

In a compact city like San Francisco, many teens find driver’s licenses unnecessary. Other means of transportation, like buses, Über, and biking, have made driving obsolete. Though San Francisco teens can be just as excited to drive as are high schoolers elsewhere in the country, if the novelty...

Student brains are more than a science experiment and a standard scale

You get one minute, she gets three, he gets five. Is possible to determine the pace of a person's brain? Apparently it's a quick calculation.

Marie Bergsund, Staff Writer

February 9, 2015

If you’ve ever taken a science class, you know that an experiment requires a dependent variable, an independent variable, and a control. The most important component is the control. If you’re testing how long it takes for a rat to run through a maze but one rat is given an hour, and the other rat...

Ending the drought one drip at a time

The California drought is so severe that many beautiful lakes like Shasta Lake are drying up.

Ilana Brandstetter, Features Editor

November 19, 2014

Despite the Urban community’s pride as environmentalists, few students have made significant changes in the midst of California’s worst drought in reported history. Diana Silvestri (’15), a member of Green Team, noticed a lack of knowledge underneath our big talk. “We can throw big words like...

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