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The Urban Legend

Opinion: Stop complaining about school, you signed up for this

Lochlain Steere, Editor in Chief, Creative April 26, 2022

During the fall trimester, I heard students complaining about their workloads more than I ever had in my three years at Urban. Understandably, the transition back to fully in-person school was challenging...

Beyond the binary: a third pronoun in French and Spanish classes

Dawson Hoe, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

In recent years, French and Spanish languages have shifted in favor of the inclusion of non-binary pronouns and by extension, people. “If 25 years ago someone had said, ‘my pronoun is they,’ no one...

Illustration credit: Luke McKane.

Opinion: inside Young Men’s Group

Luke McKane, Staff Writer and Designer November 18, 2021

As a member of the Student Admissions Committee, I have described Young Men’s Group (YMG) countless times to both prospective students and their parents, but I have found that some members of the Urban...

Illustration credit: Stella Sears-Bicknell.

Newest anti-abortion laws spark tough discussions

Ezra Bergson-Michelson, Staff Writer October 16, 2021

Riding on a wave of new anti-abortion legislation passed throughout the South, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed Texas Senate Bill 8, one of the most restrictive pieces of abortion legislation since...

Opinion: I fact-checked assumptions about Kamala Harris’ past

Zadie Winthrop, Managing Editor January 20, 2021

Kamala Harris was the San Francisco District Attorney (DA) from 2004 to 2011 and the California Attorney General (AG) from 2011 to 2017. The DA is an elected position that determines which arrests in a...


Urban Students Who Vape at a Higher Risk of COVID-19

Simon Hereford, Staff Writer October 19, 2020

Teenagers and young adults are often thought to be less at risk of adverse reactions to COVID-19. However, the growing number of teenagers and young adults who vape has potentially put them at a higher...

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