Out of service trains pass eachother at the closed West Portal Tunnel on Monday, April 5th. Photo credit: Cooper Makhijani.

Opinion: SF must evolve past the automobile

Cooper Makhijani, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

The average San Franciscan spends 83 hours every year looking for parking. That’s more than two full work weeks. During those 83 hours, $1,735 of wasted fuel is burned, generating carbon dioxide pollution....

Illustration of the San Francisco Bay Area by Catherine Silvestri

Exploring Urban’s transit trends

Griffin Bianchi, Staff Writer June 4, 2015

The roar of cars, lurching of busses, and screeching of bicycle brakes are all emblematic of the ways in which Urban students travel to school. Some take 20 minute bus rides. Others, 10 minute walks...

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