Zero waste entrepreneur encourages everyday environmentalism

Lauren Singer in her store Package Free on June 12, 2017. Photo by Kian Nassre, Editor in Chief of Visuals.

Kian Nassre, Editor in Chief of Visuals

October 31, 2017

   The Huffington Post called her a concerned environmentalist. Teen Vogue called her an eco-warrior. Lauren Singer just calls herself someone who “gives a sh*t.”    This 26-year-old social media star has a message: being sustainable and waste-free is not expensive.   After being inspi...


April 24, 2017

Our school campus is not our bedroom. It’s a simple truth, but a worthwhile reminder. All too often, Urban students walk into class to find a mess of food packaging, crumbs, uncapped pens and paper scraps. The sights and smells are particularly unpleasant following large club meetings and popular forums...

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