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The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The Urban Legend

The School Newspaper of Urban School of San Francisco

The Urban Legend

The loneliness epidemic

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Editor in Chief, Print May 31, 2023

Social disconnection is far more widespread than previously recognized. On May 1, 2023, the United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek H. Murthy declared loneliness a national public health priority. With...

Illustration credit: Ella Chen.

Let’s remember our forebears: What made “Everything Everywhere All at Once” possible

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Editor in Chief (Print) May 3, 2023

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” won big at the Oscars. However, its success would not have been possible without the long lineage of Asian and Asian American creatives struggling to get their stories...

White people need to learn their own history

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Editor in Chief, Print February 6, 2023

I get that you’re a white American, but where are you really from? Before unpacking this complex subject, it is important to note that while the concept of whiteness was invented to uphold economic...

To exempt or not to exempt: vaccines and student health

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Managing Editor April 26, 2022

Classical utilitarian ethics—an ethical theory—dictates that the well-being of everyone is weighed equally in the pursuit of a morally-good life. Rapid developments in modern medicine and the raging...

Tulin’s top titles

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Managing Editor March 3, 2022

Writers & Lovers by Lily King: “Writers & Lovers” is for anyone who needs something honest. Lily King writes with such attention to detail and transparency that readers really are engulfed...

The Middle East takes center stage with Golden Thread Productions

Tulin Chang-Maltepe, Managing Editor February 9, 2022

“Nobody else was telling our stories and on the rare occasion that they were telling our stories, they weren't doing a good job of it.” In 1996, Torange Yeghiazarian founded Golden Thread Productions...

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