Grandparents and special friends visit Urban

Katherine Weltzien, Staff Writer

Friday, November 6th, was Urban’s annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day. This day is an opportunity for Urban students to show extended family members and friends a community that is such a big part of their lives. This year, approximately 150 visitors spent a morning in the life of an Urban student. The day started off at 8:30 with a breakfast for grandparents and special friends. At 9:30, students picked up their visitors and headed to A period classes, where students and visitors participated in a variety of discussions and activities together. When classes finished at 10:40, students and visitors made their way to the St. Agnes building to enjoy a concert in the gym featuring the Urban Singers.  After the concert, students ate lunch with their visitors before saying goodbye and heading to their afternoon classes.

Interview with Vivien Manning (‘18) and her grandmother, Mikell Smith


What do you like about Grandparents and Special Friends Day?

Mikell: Well, I think seeing the classes and how they learn is the most important.


Is there anything about Urban that you really like?

Mikell: Yes, I think the way they learn is intelligent and all the students seem to be really involved.


What’s your favorite part of having your grandparent visit?

Vivien: I like going to the classes. In science we did a lab with our grandparents and I thought that was really fun.

Interview with Jake May (‘19) and his grandparents, Debbie and Touray


What do you like about Grandparents and Special Friends Day?

Touray: Oh it’ a great time, because we get to spend time with him and we get to see what’s going on in his life.

Debbie: It’s fun! Everybody’s so nice.

Interview with Kira Waldman (‘16) and her grandparents, Marilyn and Murry Waldman


What do you like about Grandparents and Special Friends Day?

Murry: Well, everything. But particularly we enjoy going to the class.


Is there anything about Urban that’s surprising to you?

Murry: I’ve been coming here for 50 years so, well, I know a lot about it.


What’s your favorite part about having your grandparents visit?

Kira: I like it when they come to my class to see me in a different light. I think, yeah, it’s just a fun experience.