The Urban School shows spirit at pep rally

Vivien Manning, Features Editor

   Spirit day at The Urban School on Friday kicked off with a pep rally in the garden, the main event being the chance for students to ‘pie’ their favorite teachers. As students showed their Urban spirit by making signs for the upcoming sports games, face-painting, and signing up for a raffle for Urban sports gear, several brave Urban teachers donned trash bags and waited to be ‘pied.’

   Student committee member Alex Edwards (‘18) said that Student Committee decided to organize the event “Because we really wanted to increase school spirit and attendance at all of these sports games, especially the volleyball and soccer games later today. We think that having a first annual pep rally is really going to energize the student body.”

   Asked about her thoughts as she waited to be ‘pied’ (an action that involves getting a plate of whipped cream shoved in one’s face by gleeful students), Health Education teacher Jennifer Epstein said, “I sort of thought, why not? Students like it when teachers get involved, it will be fun. And I like whipped cream. She added with trepidation, “I don’t want it to hurt.”

   Athletic Director Joe Skiffer shared his thoughts after being ‘pied.’ He said, “It’s actually kind of tasty. It’s straight whipped cream, so it’s pretty sweet, it’s bittersweet actually. I take it in stride, I hope [the students] enjoyed it as much as I did.”

   Overall, excitement seemed to be high among students. Belle Davis (‘19) said, “The thing is, we all love the teachers… it’s just hilarious. I think this is probably the most successful spirit event that we’ve had.”