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Which Bollywood movie fits your personality?


Intrigued? Or just plain bored by the good old American Oscars? Here’s a quiz designed to find you a perfect fit for your first Bollywood film.


Your opinion on WikiLeaks:

a)  I’m glad somebody finally thought of doing that. Information should be free!

b)  Chaos doesn’t serve any one government well, and that’s what Wiki Leaks provoked. I ought to just be content to laugh about the Libyan leader’s Ukrainian nurse.

c)  Organized crime should take over the government. Therefore, I’m glad Julian Assange is paving the way for my friends and I.

d)  Don’t really have an opinion. Who cares about it! Doesn’t apply to my life.

Grading Policy Changes:

a) Grades are for slaves of the system!

b) Grades won’t ruin my life. I can deal with the truth. It’s not so bad when you can sing and dance about it!

c) There was a grading policy change? When did that happen?

d) I like that it’s changing the culture of the school. Just look at the “Speak Up” forum’s enthusiasm these days. Changes mean we get more interesting.

When it comes to FirstClass:

a) I don’t believe in FirstClass. I think it’s exclusive, like our school. We should make education universal.

b) It helps me get my work done. Simple as that.

c) I like planning my latest bank heist by using my FirstClass email. Don’t worry I’ll get caught. I’m in cahoots with Tech Support.

d) A good constant in my unpredictable life.


Mostly a’s: Awaara

Mostly b’s: Jab We Met

Mostly c’s: Deewar

Mostly d’s: Race


Awaara (1951).  Photo from India EU Film Initiative
Awaara (1951). Photo from India EU Film Initiative

AWAARA (1951)

193 min.

Congratulations, your answers indicate you are a Communist with a weakness for love stories! Your allegiances lie with Che Guevara and the hammer and sickle, and you’ll meet some kindred spirits in Awaara. The film will satisfy your zeal for socialist propaganda, as Leftist politics it popular in the U.S.S.R. back in the Cold War days.

Jab We Met (2007), starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.  Photo from
Jab We Met (2007), photo from

JAB WE MET (2007)

137 min.

Your answers indicate that you have a dual nature of practicality and free-spiritedness, though at times these conflicting traits can’t seem to agree. Like Aditya and Geet, Jab We Met’s co-stars, you’ll come to the conclusion that “all is fair in love” – and realize that life is too important to be taken seriously! Your cynical side will contemplate just forgetting you read this quiz; however, listen to Geet. She knows what she’s talking about. Give Jab We Met a try.

DEEWAR (1975)

Deewar (1975), starring Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor.  Photo from IMDb.
Deewar (1975), photo from IMDb.

174 min.

Your answers show that if you weren’t in school, you might be behind bars. For that reason, you’ll dig Deewar. This film culminates in a battle between the head of a 1970s crime syndicate and his police officer brother. Modeled after Asian 1960’s gangster films, Deewar will appeal to your questionable lifestyle and miscreant tendencies.

Race (2008), starring
Race (2008), photo from IMDb.

RACE (2008)

You’re undecided about everything. As the Bollywood movie with the most plot twists, with a twist per every 25 minutes roughly, you’ll settle right into its mania – that is, of course, until you begin to cringe at some pretty unforgivable misogyny peppered throughout the movie. Race can be called a lot of things – but boring is not one of them.

Share your quiz results–write a comment below!

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Which Bollywood movie fits your personality?