Feb. 10 Urban School Senior Art Show draws most contributors ever

Sarah Maccabee, Staff writer

The Urban Art Show is always an eagerly anticipated school event, and this year’s Feb. 10 show is no exception. With 26 students taking part in the Advanced Visual Arts Seminar, this year’s show has the highest number of participants ever.

The first official winter art show was started in 2004, and it “was called Art Lab [initially]. It was a seminar class and much more formal. It has slowly grown and become more ambitious over the years,” said Visual Art Instructor Jennifer Starkweather, who alternates teaching the seminar with Visual Arts Instructor Kate Randall.

Obviously, the art show does not come together in a few seamless and rapid strokes. Rather, weeks of extensive individual and group planning are necessary for a successful final exhibit.

Artists have approximately eight weeks to construct and turn out a body of work, a process that takes intense commitment. Students must also seek permission from an art instructor to be admitted into the show.