Fans wait for hours on Haight Street for tickets to “secret” rap show


Photo by Sam Johnson

Eager music lovers wait patiently to enter Pink+Dolphin Clothing.

Aleah Jennings-Newhouse, Staff Writer

A diverse crowd of people in hoodies, snapbacks and other kinds of streetwear lined up Saturday for nearly three blocks on Haight Street, hoping for a chance at free tickets to a secret all-ages rap concert.

Those in line were waiting to get into the Pink+Dolphin Clothing store, located at 1431 Haight St. The first 400 customers had the chance to get exclusive free tickets to a secret all-ages concert on Saturday night, along with purchasing limited-offer clothing, and meeting rapper Iamsu! and the rest of Heartbreak Gang.

Dedicated fans of the clothing store and artists were determined to take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

Chris Dominichi, 20, and Lofe Sanchez, 15, residents of Ripon, located more than 80 miles east of San Francisco, Calif., waited for 26 hours to get into the store.

“The atmosphere was very humble,” Dominichi said. “We saw a lot of crazy things, like a bum breakdancing.”

It wasn’t unexpected, as they slept Friday night in sleeping bags in lawn chairs on the sidewalk to guarantee their spot.

Dominichi and Sanchez were there for both the “rare pieces” of clothing and the tickets, while Adrien Elias, a 17-year-old from Oakland, was there mostly to meet the artists.