Ella’s haunted Halloween movie rec’s

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)


Bodies Bodies Bodies puts a comedic twist on classic teenage horror. What starts as a group of friends partying during a hurricane in an isolated house quickly takes a dark and bloody turn when a party game goes wrong. After The New York Times compared the movie to “Euphoria” but with knives, it became a must-watch for me. While the driving plot felt shallow at times, it was made up for by the shocking betrayals and disconcerting humor that forced me to the edge of my seat. Go see it in the theater with friends. You’ll be left questioning who you can really trust.


Greta (2018)


This one is for the true horror movie buffs. If you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller that will leave you haunted for days, you will love Greta. When Frances discovers a lost handbag on the subway in New York City, she returns it to its owner, an old and seemingly sweet woman named Greta. Frances enjoys Greta’s company until things take a chilling turn. As I watched the plot unravel, I was sent spiraling and it left me trying not to have nightmares. The artful cinematography and plot twist ending make Greta a worthwhile nail-biter that you won’t regret. Not going to lie, this film was a bit traumatizing, so proceed with caution.


The Fugitive (1993)


For those who enjoy a slightly less bone-chilling, yet suspenseful thriller that keeps you on your toes, The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford, is for you. Directed by Andrew Davis, the film contains classic, thrilling vibes that I personally love to see as the weather grows colder. In this action-packed mystery, a man unjustly accused of murdering his wife plays cat and mouse with a determined yet wrongly-led detective. The film expertly balances action and suspense in an intricate and well-executed plot. Besides, who doesn’t love the nineties and the guy who played Han Solo?


The Shining (1980)


Anyone who likes horror movies should watch The Shining at least once in their lifetime. In this timeless classic, adapted from the famous Stephen King novel, a family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where the human psyche slowly unravels. The shocking and inventive imagery subverts the typical horror movie and cannot be topped. Jack Nicholson’s performance is unforgettable and the jump scares had me screaming and covering my eyes. Compared to all horror movies I’ve witnessed in my life, The Shining’s cinematography, pacing, and acting are unmatched and make for a memorable and timeless spooky film.