Legend Gratitudes

Illustration credit: Mira Chandriani.

Lingerr Senghor: I am grateful for my incredible colleagues, especially those in the English Department. And Liverpool F.C, the greatest team in the world. And my magnificent Nigerian Lit class 🙂

Sarah Levin: I am grateful for my daughters who keep me on my toes and make me laugh.

Maya Campbell: I am grateful for my teachers who made me laugh this term and for the enthusiasm they brought to the Zoom room each day.

Mira Chandriani: I am grateful for my friends and family who have helped me find light in this pandemic.

Tulin Chang-Maltepe: I am grateful for my teachers who have worked so hard to make classes fun and engaging through this tough period of time.

Clementine Daniel: I am grateful for my Urban teachers for understanding what it’s like to be a student right now, and I am grateful for my family for making my home a happy place where I can relax and do my work easily throughout the day.

Delancey Gaito: I am grateful for all of my teachers who were so patient, understanding, and amazing all term!!

Sophia Gibson: I am grateful for November. The world looked a whole lot more scary in October.

Simon Hereford: I am grateful for all the support I’ve received from my teachers this trimester.

Ben Katznelson: I am grateful for my friends and family for being available and helping me to keep sane. I’m also grateful for the privilege of getting a great education through virtual school, despite less-than-ideal circumstances.

Ellie Lerner: I am grateful for the amazing dedication of the Legend staff to pursuing timely stories that are relevant and meaningful to the Urban community, even during this incredibly challenging time!

Cooper Makhijani: I am grateful for my awesome friends who are making lockdown bearable.

Orla Meehan: I am grateful for LEADERSHIP and everything they do for the legend!!

Wes Peters: I am so so grateful for my family supporting me and always being there for me, especially during the pandemic.

Sydney Riemer: I am grateful for my friends, family, teachers and dog for keeping me sane during these crazy times.

Zoe Sokatch: I am grateful for my family and friends!

Lochlain Steere: I am grateful for my dog Larry and the Urban Legend Staff.

Zadie Winthrop: I am grateful to my sister for making me laugh everyday!

Callum Yeaman: I am grateful for Kevin Schnider for always being there for me.